Testimonials from Disabled Web Users

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Callum Gamble

“I am autistic. It always frustrates me when websites have large sections of text without accompanying images. I can only read black text on a white background for a limited amount of time before I’m no longer able to process the text as it becomes wavy on the screen.”


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Suman Damera

I am person with visual impairment (totally blind). I would like to share my experience on the accessibility websites and apps that I use as part of my day-to-day activities.

Below is a list of SOME of things that most people, including myself, use the web to do:

  • buying products and gifts
  • ordering food
  • booking flights
  • booking a cab
  • banking
  • scheduling a doctor’s appointment
  • paying utility
  • paying cell phone bills
  • reading news
  • getting updated with knowledge
  • watching movies
  • listening to music
  • applying for insurance claims
  • tracking the status of parcel
  • booking the bus/train
  • paying life insurance/health insurance/term insurance premiums
  • catching-up with friends and family on online platforms
  • sharing experiences on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whats App,
  • taking classes online
  • applying for a job
  • applying for a housing loan or refinance
  • filing income tax
  • booking hotels/resorts
  • applying for a passport

Using the web to do these and so much more is very convenient and easy as the works get done without stepping out from our house. And the pandemic amplified the need to be able to do these kinds of things online.

Testimonial From A Blind Web User

Imagine if you couldn’t use these websites. Imagine, say, that you personally were blocked from using of the sites listed above. Everyone else was able to use and take advantage of their convenience and safety.

But, not you. You had to go into the bank every time you had a check to deposit or you needed to check your balance. You had to go to a travel agent every time you wanted to book a flight. You had to go to the post office every time you wanted to check on the whereabouts of a package. You had to drive to the utilities companies’ office every time you wanted to pay your electric bill.Or, worse yet, you needed to ask someone else to do all of these things for you.

This is often the case for people with disabilities. Because 91% of websites are not accessible, we are not able to do all of the things to live an independent, dignified life.

I appreciate Access Design Studio’s mission to make hospitality website accessible so that people of all abilities can book a table at a restaurant, book a round of golf, RSVP for an art opening, schedule a tasting at a winery and reserve a spot at an RV resort.

For more on my experiences using the web in my life to support myself and my family, check out my blog post “Top 10 Inaccessible Things That Make My Life Frustrating, Annoying, and Then Dependent”

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