The Mission

At Access Design Studio, our mission is twofold:

We are businesses' website accessibility ally. We share your passion for delivering incomparable customer experiences, to everyone, of every ability. And we believe that lowering accessibility barriers should be an easy, stress-free process for you.

We’re also advocates for people with disabilities. Everyone deserves access to the experiences that make life rich and vibrant, which is why part of our proceeds support RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America).

The Difference

We combine Denise's lifetime-of-experience with people with disabilities (see "The Reason" below) with over 20 years of web design experience.

With 20+ years of experience as a web development agency, we know how to create websites that convert. And how to bring your unique offerings to people of all abilities.

We also know that you can’t entrust your site’s inclusion to an overlay or plug-in. That won’t bring you the level of access—or shielding from potential lawsuits—that only a dedicated team of experts can.

Denise Pane and her brother Curtis

The Reason

Access Design Studio CEO & Founder, Denise Páne, has spent her entire life as an advocate for people with disabilities. The reason is her brother, who has epilepsy and is developmentally delayed. The deep love their family shares for each other has made disability advocacy a natural course for Denise.

During the Covid pandemic, Denise found herself disconnected from people, places, and activity. “In those many months,” she recalls, “I got a small glimpse of the disconnect that people with disabilities face every day. Because the web is largely inaccessible to them, they can't buy that ticket to the theater or RSVP for the art opening. And I realized I had everything needed to change that.” This epiphany was the impetus for Access Design Studio.

Denise is a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals and the World Wide Web Consortium.

The Team

Access Design Studio brings to your project a unique, and uniquely qualified team of design and digital accessibility experts. We are WCAG 2.2 AA certified and Online ADA Accredited.

We maintain our own internal Accessibility Advisory Board, composed of individuals of varying abilities who provide testing and first-person feedback on the work we perform.


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