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Do you want to reach 25% more people with a website that is user-friendly for all abilities and protects your business from predatory ADA lawsuits at the same time?

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Having a low-ranking website that blocks many customers from buying and opens you up to lawsuits due to lack of ADA compliance is harmful to your business

Online booking unavailable or closed due to ADA Website Accessibility issues

1. User Issues - many people can’t buy

Website user-friendliness is fundamental. 80% of people start with online research before buying, booking or donating. Because many websites are not accessible, they don’t convert enough site visitors to customers. They exclude the 25% of the population who struggle to use the web as they have different abilities. This results in click-aways and loss of sales.
A gavel, a money bag with a dollar sign, an exclamation point, an ADA Website Accessibility Services icon, representing a legal financial matter concerning accessibility compliance.

2. Legal Risks - website lacks ADA compliance / Accessibility

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it is a civil right for individuals with disabilities not to be discriminated against in all areas of public life, including on websites. Most websites are not compliant and are wide open to devastating predatory lawsuits.
Graphical representation of a simplified web browser window with a search bar and a list of three items related to ADA Website Accessibility Services, two of which are marked with check marks.

3. Lower SEO Ranking - lower traffic – lower sales

SEO is a vital aspect of creating more opportunities to gain new customers. Businesses are not aware that accessible websites rank significantly higher. Because accessible websites are usable by 25% more people, search engines rank them higher.
Negative feedback concept with a dissatisfied emoji, exclamation mark, and a one-star rating regarding ADA Website Accessibility Services.

4. Risk of Bad Visitor Experience = bad online reviews for your brand

If a site visitor's experience on your website is frustration and disappointment, your brand is at risk of getting bad online reviews. Make your customers feel welcome from the moment they ‘google’ your name! Protect your brand from bad online reviews by making buying easy for all abilities on your accessible website.

We are the leading experts in accessible ADA compliant websites.
We're here to fix your website issues.

Complimentary Review of Your Site

Receive a review of your site by our expert team.
The review will cover your site’s

Areas covered by the custom accessibility review starts from Accessibility to SEO to Liability Risk to Lost Sales and finally, to Missed Market Reach

"Access Design Studio helped us to become the best we can be as we grow Skinner Winery.  Our ADA compliant site reflects our brand perfectly and assures that all guests can access every part of our site.''

Carey wearing a wide-brimmed hat smiles outdoors, embodying the joy we bring through our ADA Website Compliance Services.

Carey Skinner - Owner, Skinner Vineyards & Winery

Website Accessibility Facts

Download Our free Infographic with eye-opening statistics

Mock up of the ADS Website Accessibility Quick Facts infographic card
Two tablets with ADA Website Accessibility Services and tourism booking information displayed on screens, set against a transparent background.


Imagine what your business could achieve with a user-friendly, ADA compliant website!

Web accessibility may seem too complex and time consuming for you to address. Until now. You can have access to 25% more market share, more sales and higher search engine rankings. And avoid ADA lawsuits. Web accessibility issues on your website can be fixed and Access Design Studio is here to help you with stress-free solutions.

With Access Design Studio you get:

"Access Design Studio created an ADA compliant site that appeals to the specific guest we want to attract. Our site visits have quadrupled and we are booking 50% more people through our site."

Ramon and Tamara's portrait owners Reverie Retreat

Ramon and Tamara - Owners, Reverie Retreat Center

How Will You Improve Your Site Today?

The letters ADA representing American's with Disabilities Acts also stands for the 3 steps of Access Design Studio's Website Accessibility Method: Assess(Access your site for accessibility issues), Develop(Develop a plan to fix any accessibility issues), Adjust(Adjust your site to make it certified accessible)

Request a Review

Your complimentary review reports on your site’s usability, especially for disabled customers, its SEO status and any liability risks. We reveal the areas where you lose sales and how to make improvements to increase your market reach.

View Our Solutions

Start working with us on the best-fit solution for your website. Whether you need us to FIX or BUILD your website or SHOW your developers how to make it ADA compliant, we have the solution that is right for you.

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Diagnosing your specific web accessibility challenges and discussing your frustrations with low sales and lack of ADA compliance is a step in the right direction. And gives the opportunity to determine whether our solutions can solve your problem.

 "I love working with Denise and Access Design Studio. They do great SEO without my having to be involved. Our site visits have increased over 600% and we have 22 keywords on the first page of Google."

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Jody Franklin – Director of Tourism, El Dorado County

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