Complimentary​ Resources

We want you to be excited about accessibility!  And to understand how much it benefits your hospitality  business. To that end, we offer these complimentary resources.

Download Accessibility Facts Infographic

website accessibility quick facts: how hospitality businesses can increase profits & Guest Loyalty with Accessible Websites

Learn the massive business case (you will be thrilled with what you learn!) for accessibility as well as the risks of ignoring it.

Complimentary Video Review of Your Site

Receive a video review of your site by our expert team.
The review will cover your site’s

Areas covered by the custom accessibility review starts from Accessibility to SEO to Liability Risk to Lost Sales and finally, to Missed Market Reach

Get Tips On Increasing Your Site's

  • ✓ ADA Compliance
  • ✓ Sales
  • ✓ SEO
  • ✓ Market Reach
  • ✓ And How to Decrease Liability Risk

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