We FIX your current site to make it ADA compliant

You are happy with the look of your website, but web accessibility barriers prevent 25% of the population who are disabled and impaired from engaging with it to make sales. This exposes you to litigation and loss of revenue.

Let’s FIX that.

ADA Website
Accessibility Method

Our ADS development team will apply our structured ADA Web Method to assess your website and identify and FIX any web accessibility and website ADA compliance issues.
Your FIXed ADA compliant website will have:

Access Design Studio's

ADA Website Accessibility Method

The letters ADA representing American's with Disabilities Acts also stands for the 3 steps of Access Design Studio's Website Accessibility Method: Assess(Access your site for accessibility issues), Develop(Develop a plan to fix any accessibility issues), Adjust(Adjust your site to make it certified accessible)


ADA Compliant Website

Access Design Studio created websites are certified WCAG 2.1 AA and ADA compliant. This helps protect you from lawsuits and allows all site visitors, including those with different access needs, to easily buy your services and products.

Project Concierge

Your dedicated ADS Project Concierge manages your compliance journey to make it smooth and stress-free. You get weekly milestone updates to keep you informed of progress.


Automated web accessibility tools such as overlays and toolbars can’t deliver the functionality required for compliance. Our certified experts ensure you get the protection and usability you need.

Peace of Mind

As your site’s contents change, we’ll keep it up-to-date and continually compliant – protecting you from predatory ADA attorneys.

No Stress

Your dedicated ADS Concierge assures you a stress-free journey to inclusivity. We aim to exceed your expectations and delight you with our customer service just as you do for your guests.

Web Accessibility FIX

You may want to FIX your website with our phased approach - for budget or capacity reasons. With the FIX Step-by-Step option, you can have full control over the process length. Get in touch to find out more.

All Under your Control

Our Web Accessibility Step-by-Step option allows you to set a longer-term plan for completion of the FIX process. This is an ideal approach if you have monthly budget or developer capacity restrictions. You control the FIX spend and time.

Maria Williams headshot

We Are So Thankful!

“We know theatre. We don’t know technology. We are so thankful to have you as our digital partners for all these years. You make it easy for us to succeed.” 

Maria Williams
Director, Olde Coloma Theater

Kelly Cox-Owner-Bagel-Works

A Team I Could Trust...

“Business owners are busy. I needed a team that I could trust to take the reins, After the initial consultation of my brand and site, ADS did just that. They understood my business needs perfectly.” 

Kelly Cox,
Owner, Bagel Works

Amy Eldridge

I love the Website!

“I love the brand and website ADS designed for us. The high end perfection of the site has motivated us to make sure everything in the Confluence Kitchen is equally perfect.” 

Amy Eldridge,
Owner, Confluence Kitchen