Stress-Free Solutions To Make Your Existing Website ADA Compliant [30-Second Video]

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If you’ve been putting off making your website accessible (ADA compliant) because you don’t want to redo the website you already have and love, then you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to start over with your site design. Instead, we can remediate your website to make it ADA compliant. By remediation, we mean identifying accessibility issues on your existing website and fixing them to achieve certified compliance with ADA and WCAG 2.2 standards.

Watch this 30 second video:

Learn about our complimentary site review and remediate your existing website today.

Denise Páne <br><span>CEO & Founder</span>

Denise Páne
CEO & Founder

Denise is an Accredited Accessibility Expert with a lifetime of experience with people with disabilities and over 2 decades of experience at the helm of her branding and accessible web design agency, Access Design Studio. She is a passionate outdoorswoman and bold adventurer in life and business.

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