Maximize Reach and Revenue: The Power of Website Accessibility in Attracting Customers

A man having sign language communication over a video conference call with a group of people

Have you ever thought about how people with different abilities access and interact with websites? How do blind individuals read the latest news online? How can someone with impaired hearing enjoy videos across the web? The answer lies in the concept of web accessibility.

Web accessibility ensures that everyone, regardless of their physical or mental capabilities, can use a website as it was meant to be used.  It is about creating a digital space that accommodates and empowers every user.

Statistics show that a staggering 71% of websites are unusable by people with disabilities. With approximately 1 billion people worldwide and 61 million people in the U.S. living with disabilities, including conditions such as autism, ADHD, deafness, and more, inaccessible websites are a significant loss for businesses.

an old man with reading glasses looking at pictures on his phone

In the U.S., those 61 million disabled individuals have a spending power of $654 billion. Globally, the 1 billion people with a disability represent a staggering $7 trillion in spending power.  

In today’s competitive world, where customer delight and outstanding service set companies apart, web accessibility is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. By embracing web accessibility, you establish an inclusive environment for your customers, making them feel valued from the moment they discover your online presence.

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Denise Páne <br><span>CEO & Founder</span>

Denise Páne
CEO & Founder

Denise is an Accredited Accessibility Expert with a lifetime of experience with people with disabilities and over 2 decades of experience at the helm of her branding and accessible web design agency, Access Design Studio. She is a passionate outdoorswoman and bold adventurer in life and business.

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