Likes, Shares & Wows Oh My! Copywriting Tips for Social Media

Likes, Shares & Wows Oh My! Copywriting Tips for Social Media

3 Copywriting Tips
to Drive Engagement on Social Media

Writing engaging social media posts is hard. No matter what your goal is, whether it’s to increase followers on social platforms or get more clicks, you need to write your posts in a way that not only accurately deliver your message but also subtly pushes viewers to take action. Since it can be a bit tricky and time-consuming, many businesses get help from professionals that offer complete social media management and SEO services. (Hey, Access Design Studio offers those services!) However, if you don’t have the resources in hand to get professional assistance or prefer to handle social media yourself, we have compiled a list of a few copywriting tips for social media engaging posts. Let’s look at them!

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Clearly Define and Express What’s Special About You/Your Business

Your business should have a USP, a unique selling proposition, to stand apart from the crowd. A business without a USP is often lost in the crowd with little hope of getting attention. Before you draft your social media posts, discover your USP and how it makes you different from competitors. Once you have found the answers, make them the center of your social media copies.

Benefits of Social Media Copywriting

Focus on the Benefits

Many businesses make the mistake of mentioning the features of their product/service instead of emphasizing the benefits for the customers. Readers want to know what’s in it for them, not what your product/service does. For instance, if you are marketing a post-scheduling tool, instead of writing ‘Tool that schedules 20 posts at a time for different platforms’, write ‘Save time and effort when scheduling social media posts’ or, better yet, something like ‘Have more time to play with your dog…’. When you touch the needs and wants of consumers, you are likely to get their attention.

Copywriting formulas

Use Copywriting Formulas

Great copywriters use formulas to create interesting and attention-grabbing posts. One of our valuable copywriting tips for social media is the use of one of the most common formulas is PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solve), in which you bring the attention of the readers to a problem they may be facing, how it can cause other problems (agitate), and how your product or service promises to solve that problem. In the copywriting world, many formulas help create engaging social media posts, which you can learn through online courses.

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Denise Páne <br><span>CEO & Founder</span>

Denise Páne
CEO & Founder

Denise is an Accredited Accessibility Expert with a lifetime of experience with people with disabilities and over 2 decades of experience at the helm of her branding and accessible web design agency, Access Design Studio. She is a passionate outdoorswoman and bold adventurer in life and business.

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