Website Accessibility Remediation

What if you already have a perfectly good hospitality website that’s not quite perfect when it comes to accessibility and litigation exposure?

ADS has a solution for that. So you can check that box, while boosting SEO, site traffic, and bookings—and avoiding predatory lawsuits.


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Rock-solid compliance

Bring your hospitality site up to CERTIFIED WCAG 2.2 AA Accessibility standards. Open your offerings to visitors of all abilities.

Project Concierge

Your ADS Project Concierge will make your compliance journey smooth and stress-free, with weekly milestone updates to keep you apprised of progress.

Protection that toolbars can’t deliver

Plug-in’s and toolbars simply can’t deliver the functionality that our certified experts and in-house Accessibility Advisory Board can. In fact, toolbars can actually impede accessibility for many assistive technologies.

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Ongoing maintenance and updates

Our Website Remediation solution keeps you protected over time. As standards—and your site content—change, we’ll keep them up-to-date and continually compliant.

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Stress-free journey

Just as you strive to surprise and delight your guests, your ADS Concierge goes above and beyond to ensure you a flawless experience. We pride ourselves on anticipating, and exceeding, your needs.

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Increase Protection. Boost Bookings.

The same ADA attorneys who built their practices on brick-and-mortar hospitality lawsuits have pivoted to the larger, more lucrative world of website compliance. You want your site to stop these lawyers in their tracks and move on to softer targets. Count on Access Design Studio to protect you with certified WCAG 2.2 AA compliance—the recognized worldwide standard.

An accessible site is good business, too. Fully 25% of all website traffic is from visitors with limited ability; do you really want them to be frustrated by your site, and click away to your competitors? Google rewards accessible sites with stronger search results, too, so your ADS investment will deliver solid ROI, month after month.


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