Annotated Accessibility Audit

For hospitality website owners who have their own internal development teams, yet lack accessibility expertise, ADS offers this convenient solution. We’ll perform an in-depth accessibility audit of your site with detailed annotations to fix all issues to empower your developers to bring it up to spec.


Quick and simple

Your developers have their hands full keeping your hospitality website current and smooth-running. Our audit gives them the information they currently lack to make it accessible, too.

Detailed instructions

Our dev teams know how to talk the talk of your dev team, so they’ll get everything they need—no more, no less—to make your site ADA compliant, ASAP.

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Highest-level compliance

The team at ADS is WCAG 2.1 AA certified, and Online ADA Accredited. So we’ll give you all the details you need to bring your site up to those stringent standards.

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Ongoing compliance

As your site—and standards—change over time, ADS will keep you protected against predatory ADA lawsuits with updated information to keep your site compliant and inviting.

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Stress-free journey

Just as you strive to surprise and delight your guests, your ADS Concierge goes above and beyond to ensure you a flawless experience. We pride ourselves on anticipating, and exceeding, your needs.
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Your Dev Team, Our ADA Expertise

It’s the perfect combination. If your graphic artists, web designers, and coders are perfectly capable of delivering your hospitality website, then count on ADS’s web-development team to empower them for accessibility.

The standards—such as WCAG 2.1 AA—are complicated. And understanding how your site is perceived and experienced by visitors of differing abilities requires not just technical expertise and knowledge of the latest assistive technologies. It also requires intuition and compassion.

That’s why, at Access Design Studio, we maintain our own internal Accessibility Advisory Board, composed of individuals of varying abilities who provide testing and first-person feedback on the work we perform.

So you’ll not only be able to earn certified compliance, you’ll increase SEO and bookings—while avoiding predatory lawsuits.