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Having an accessible website will dramatically increase bookings, enhance the guest experience, and shield your establishment from ADA lawsuits.

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Boost Your Sales With an Accessible Website

Access Design Studio Founder & CEO, Denise Páne, discusses the importance of website accessibility, with real world examples and stories.

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Web Accessibility and Its Importance to Travel Businesses

90% of travelers do their research online and 82% will complete their booking online. Not having an accessible website means that you’re excluding millions of potential customers.

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Beginning the Accessible Travel Journey

Denise Páne, Access Design Studio Founder & CEO, shares her inspiration and passion behind her mission to help businesses make their websites accessible for all people.

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Web Accessibility and Its Importance to Hotels and Lodging

Just as your establishment must fulfill physical ADA requirements for your guests, it’s also critical that people with disabilities can access the content on your website.

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I Have Passion - I Have Love

Denise Páne, Access Design Studio Founder & CEO, shares the inspirational story of her lifetime of advocacy for people with disabilities, starting with her own Special Olympian brother – and how that expanded to helping businesses make their websites accessible/ADA compliant.

Glamping Americas Magazine logo on a photo of a glamping tent

$5,000 IRS Tax Credit to Make Your Website Accessible

Find out how to take advantage of this IRS tax credit, and the many benefits of making your website accessible/ADA compliant.

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What is Website Accessibility?

Learn how a website optimized for accessibility by certified experts sets your business up for success. (See page 25.)

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Expert Strategies for Making Your Website More Accessible

During this interview, Denise Páne, Access Design Studio Founder & CEO, reveals several powerful strategies to ensure that your website is accessible to everyone.

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