Don’t Miss Out on Customers: The Business Case for Website Accessibility

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Website accessibility is not just an ethical and legal responsibility—it’s a smart business move. By ensuring that your website is accessible to people with disabilities, you open the doors to a massive market with significant spending power.

Consider this:

In the US alone, there are 61 million disabled individuals with a combined spending power of $654 billion.

Globally, over 1 billion people have disabilities, representing a staggering $7 trillion in spending power.

But it’s not just about the numbers. An accessible website leads to increased revenue, an enhanced brand image and a better customer experience. Research shows that 72% of disabled customers abandon websites that are difficult to navigate, resulting in lost sales and potential customers going straight to your competitors.

Moreover, optimizing your website for accessibility improves your SEO efforts—search engines reward sites that provide a great user experience to all visitors.

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By prioritizing web accessibility, you’re not only doing the right thing, but you’re also tapping into a vast, untapped market. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture a significant share of this market and maximize the efficiency of your marketing and sales efforts.

Make your website accessible and watch your bottom line grow. Start reaping the benefits of website accessibility today! Book a complimentary accessibility consultation here.

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Denise Páne
CEO & Founder

Denise is an Accredited Accessibility Expert with a lifetime of experience with people with disabilities and over 2 decades of experience at the helm of her branding and accessible web design agency, Access Design Studio. She is a passionate outdoorswoman and bold adventurer in life and business.

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