Testimonials – Do They Matter?

Testimonials - Do They Matter?

Testimonials Deserve Your Best Efforts – Overcoming the ‘Ask’ to Reach Gold

When seen for all their incredible value and when utilized properly, testimonials are the gift that keeps giving to your business. But first, we need to remove the elephant in the room, our fear of ‘The Ask’.

Does your business offer value? Does your business reflect professionalism and a commitment to excellence? Does your business provide a worthy service or product that customers need? If you answer “Yes!” to any of those questions, then as a business owner, it is to your advantage to market those skills and values. And using customer testimonials is a great way to do that.

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How To Get Testimonials –  Help Me Help Others

People often neglect to respond to a request for a testimonial because they aren’t sure what to write.  So, help them out! Here are some tips:
  • Begin with a quick email that explains that a testimonial helps others needing your services trust you as a provider
  • Let them know just a sentence or two is sufficient – they don’t need to write a 5 paragraph essay
  • Give a specific time frame and a date for a reply; several days is best
Offer some topics for them to consider commenting on, such as:
  • The quality of your product or service
  • The reliability and/or efficiency of your business
  • The special need that your business fulfills
  • Would they recommend your business?

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If you simply offer your testimonials on a specific page or section within your website, you’re missing out on some great opportunities to market yourself. Here are some tips for spreading your praise far and wide for added value and benefit:
  • Include a testimonial at the bottom of a blog post. (Bonus tip: If you’ve included a city in the signature, you’ve given the search engines another reason to note your additional geographical relevance in search ranking. Bravo!)
  • Create a graphic for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that you can change out the copy and post to your feed when a new testimonial arrives.
  • Use short testimonials along with your posted (paid) ads to social media
  • Add a great testimonial to the end of a marketing piece (eBook, pamphlet, etc), or sprinkle throughout.
  • Consider creating a short (1-page), downloadable ‘how-to’ or case study, and add a testimonial that fits the scenario. It’s a great way to offer something of value for free to site visitors about your business and the testimonial gives it added authority.

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Denise Páne <br><span>CEO & Founder</span>

Denise Páne
CEO & Founder

Denise is an Accredited Accessibility Expert with a lifetime of experience with people with disabilities and over 2 decades of experience at the helm of her branding and accessible web design agency, Access Design Studio. She is a passionate outdoorswoman and bold adventurer in life and business.

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